Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jolie Holland

i made a mixed disc about 6 months ago and lost the track listing. its a mediocre disc, nothing worth even mentioning. anyway, there is this one song that comes on at the end of the mix that always leaves me speechless. it was a track i downloaded when i was going through a very strong ukulele fixation. oddly enough, the title is darlin' ukulele. written and performed by Jolie Holland.
so just the other night i downloaded a few of her tracks. every single one of them are great. i hate whenever people do this (as i have no problem freely admitting to my hypocrisy) but she reminds me of a cross between Gillian Welch, Blossom Dearie and Joanna Newsom. a really great voice and quiet abstract lyrics with instruments played in a similar manner.
as i write this crap, i realize that this may only be a brief infatuation. i have known myself to have the attention span of a monkey drunk on coca-cola classics.

so here is a compilation i made. assembled completely of free downloads from other blogs. its a rapidshare file. i don't think safari browsers work with this site. i use FireFox. click the link, click free, type in the code, and it should download shortly as a folder on your desktop. just extract the file with winzip.

here's the link