Thursday, January 24, 2008

costa rica to nicaragua

today i arrived in granada, nicaragua. an old coloniel establishment (not sure of the complete history yet).

-left san jose, costa rica a few days ago (not sure) for la fortuna, cr. spent 2 days walking around volcan arenal (active volcano). watched lava flow down the northern slope at night. the following morning hiked through arenal´s national park and had the pleasure of watching it erupt again in the day light. not nearly as dramatic, but heard the volcanoe breathe and watched the ash and lava fall from the lip. hiked back down and swam in a natural hot spring. very refreshing. hung out with an isreali couple and barbequed entirely too much food.
-the following morning headed to monteverde, cr. took a jeep at 6:30 am to lake arenal where a boat took us to the other side where another jeep picked us up and took us to a coffee\cheese co-op. from there we went to adventura zip line tour. not what it sounds like. spend 3 hours hanging above undisturbed virgin forest going super fast (maybe 20-30 mph) . did a ¨tarzan¨swing thing that made me nearly shit my pants. took bus to the town of monteverde.
-mounteverde is a super windy quaker town where you can see the pacific ocean, but are more than 4 hour drive. the roads are unpaved which prevents development. literally the land meets the sky. had dinner and went to sleep.
-woke at 3:30 am and took bus to nicaragua. the customs\boarder process was a pain in the ass, but arrived in granada, nica at 2:30 pm. its about 7:30 now and i have no idea what we will do tomorrow. maybe stay, maybe go to ometepa (a volcano in lake nicaragua). hopefully get to solenamtine islands where an artist community is. i dont think i will have internet access for a few days, so probably wont update again until january 30.

oh yeah! went to puerto veijo, orosi, jaco, and a few other anonomaus vilages around costa rica before arriving in la fortuna. a fantastic voyage. hopefully it gets better.

for some odd reason i can´t speell check and don´t care to reread this, so forgive my misstakes. i will also post pictures as soon as i get back to the states, which may be later then sooner.

oh and big ups toi TW, the only one who may read this thing. i´ll write you soon enough.

Monday, January 7, 2008

I'm really bored. i was going to write something profound, but then i forgot. okay, maybe profound is not the right word, maybe just me. I'm sitting in my brother's Brooklyn apartment awaiting my departure. i am leaving for Costa Rica in 13 hours and it's reassuring to know that old certifiable feeling. maybe i will be less "certified" after this adventure but probably not. maybe i will say "fuck it" and just decide to stay there. we all know that won't happen. how do you say "fuck it" in Spanish?

okay my brother is here now and i am no longer bored.

Me voy ahora

okay. so i never write anything and as a result nobody ever looks at this thing. but today is new day! right? not really. so before this blog officially shits the bed. i would like to recognize a few "choice" blogs in no particular order:

first: a blog about nothing. i know very little about the person(s) behind this one. La Salute รจ in voi! but i have a friend that would probably find a strange form of sexual comfort in reading this. so here's to you T.
second: a blog about himself. this guy loves himself soooo much he decided to create a blog to celebrate it. everything nathan! a tragedy in the making. soon he will discover the difference between confidence and vanity. here's to you boarder.
third: a blog about you. an advice column with great self-improvement tips. we all love tips, so please write to her and discover the secrets hidden between the folds in your feces. Monica can do it!
forth: speaking of folds in your poo. this blog makes me cry all the way to the toilet. it's kind of like a BM stimulant (such as coffee, cocaine and menthol cigarettes). what can i say, i looooooove butter milk!!!!!!!!!!

and that's it.....