Wednesday, August 29, 2007

for my own sanity...

a follow-up to the previous post:

1. Begin - a very boring monotonous beat that i really thought would kick of the record.
2. I would like to visit Tibet - special agent cooper.
3. Run Like Hell - originally had lyrics. i think it sounds more like a caucasian rain dance.
4. Otero Silva poem - a poem by a venezuelan writer.
5. Old Holland - written while taking a passenger train through holland.
6. The Purdiest Girl - the most complete idea recorded.
7. En Gallop - a joanna newsom song
8. Harpoons and Sailors - the most annoying of all recordings, but an okay attempt at organizing chaos.
9. Pointers and Setters - a note to myself.
10. Flynn's song - the first song recorded. a song for a cat-friend of mine.
11. Thump sounds - a drunken bone machine.
12. Decasia - the drunken bone machine's better half. originally titled industrial world wars and then i changed it to economic'sold wars and now i've bored myself writing about it.
13. with love from the East - i don't have a clue what i was thinking and you probably don't really care so...
14. Lake Esmeralda - words by che guevara.
15. Devil Town - a daniel johnston song.
16. The Casio Gently Dies - should have titled it "...gently weeps" or not.
17. Water in my Head - the best sound piece recorded. if only we could have planned it.
18. Complications From A Fall - the last thirty-two minutes of kurt vonnegut's life documented in sound.
19. Matt Gomola - a song for a good friend of mine.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Portions for the People

The Guitar Workshop (Norteamericanos) - Complications From A Fall

This is an early concept album. It was created for Kurt Vonnegut.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Enough said...