Tuesday, April 8, 2008

i was driving my brothers car yesterday.  probably the first time i drove a car with a cd player...ever.  it was really nice, but unfortunate.  i own so few cd's because i am one of those ipod people.  even worse, i own a nano, eww.    anyway, i stumbled upon a radiohead album (ok computer) i hadn't listened to in several years.  i really enjoyed it, surprisingly, and found myself thinking more about sonic youth then radiohead while listening to it.  and then today while looking through Digg.com they had a pretty good video of radiohead from pitchfork.  

and then i remembered reading in the sonic youth biography that tom lent me, Thurston talking about bad moon rising and making the video for death valley 69.   i just got done watching it...sonic youth is far more entertaining.  i would post the videos, but my mac is a pile garbage sometimes and it's not allowing me to paste anything.... maybe I'll get around to it later, but probably not.