Tuesday, April 8, 2008

i was driving my brothers car yesterday.  probably the first time i drove a car with a cd player...ever.  it was really nice, but unfortunate.  i own so few cd's because i am one of those ipod people.  even worse, i own a nano, eww.    anyway, i stumbled upon a radiohead album (ok computer) i hadn't listened to in several years.  i really enjoyed it, surprisingly, and found myself thinking more about sonic youth then radiohead while listening to it.  and then today while looking through Digg.com they had a pretty good video of radiohead from pitchfork.  

and then i remembered reading in the sonic youth biography that tom lent me, Thurston talking about bad moon rising and making the video for death valley 69.   i just got done watching it...sonic youth is far more entertaining.  i would post the videos, but my mac is a pile garbage sometimes and it's not allowing me to paste anything.... maybe I'll get around to it later, but probably not.


tom nihilist said...

digg is one of those things that i have no idea what it is/does?

on the bitchfork.tv thingie they have that pixies documentary up, i keep meaning to watch it but you know how busy i am, HA!

i always kinda find the sonic youth 'bad moon rising' period a little stupid, when they were all into the richard kern cinema of transgression or whatever stuff. i'm pretty sure he directed that video. the music's good as ever, but the lyrical content of the songs i find stupid. maybe i should go back and listen to that album again, though?

about putting up the youtube sometimes that's harder than it should be, i'd say try using firefox but i think that's what you are using, so i don't know what to say?

Anonymous said...

Hows the car running?


Computadores said...
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